Roofs of Metsovo (Paris Prekas - Watercolor)
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Monastery of Agios Nicolaos
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Tossizza Museum

The old home of the Tossizza family is now a unique Museum of traditional Epirot Art and provides an interesting knowledge on home life of noted wealthy families, covering the period from the 4th through the 19th century.

Built in 1661, renovation commenced in 1952 and was completed in 1952, with funds from the estate of the
Baron Michael Tossizza Foundation.

Visitors can see folk art and traditional household objects, costumes and weapons, as well as an interesting coin collection, which includes pieces from the time of Konstantine the Great through Andronikos B' Palaiologos. Also many paintings from the Post-Byzantine era by Damaskinos and others.

Visitors can also see the apartment where the late Evangelos Averoff lived during his frequent visits to Metsovo. In the same building, there are rooms available for prominent guests invited by the foundation.

The Museum is open everyday and holidays except Thursdays.
Winter time: 8:30-13:00 and 15:00-17:00
Summer time:8:30-13:30 and 16:00-18:00

Monastery of Agios Nikolaos

The Monastery was originally founded in the 13th century by three brigands, who sought salvation for their souls. It was extensively restored and rededicated in 1963.

It is a single-aisled basilica with beautiful murals, painted by the hagiographer Efstathios in 1702 in Epirot popular style, combining the schools of mount Athos and Meteora with the Ionic school.

There is a wood-carved, gold-covered iconostasis, probably built 400 years ago. In the place set aside for women, there are two beautiful icons, one of the martyr Nikolaos of Metsovo, probably created in 1751, the other, the work of the artist Stergios Papagiannis.

The murals were recently renovated, financed by the Baron Mihael Tossizza Foundation.

The Monastery is open everyday and holidays.
Winter time: 8:30-13:00 and 15:00-17:00
Summer time:8:30-13:30 and 16:00-18:00

The Children’s Library

The Children’s Library of the Tossizza Foundation is located next to the Averoff house, above the Town Hall.

It was founded in Greece, by a philhellene, a French woman by the name of Anne Slouberg. The centre regularly supplies 23 small libraries, which are dispersed throughout Greece in mountainous or isolated regions, with books concerning a specific theme and other related materials (posters, transparencies, cassettes and others).

Each year, the Centre plans and carries out approximately 6 programs related to themes such as impressionist artists, artistic music, the flowers or animals of the mountains, and others. A specially trained employee of the library works with the children, encouraging them to become involved in the theme (to read, to paint, to discuss, etc.).

The result of this vivacious supplementary activity is to rouse the interest of the children so that the Library becomes their favorite retreat in Metsovo. The children’s Library is full every evening with children from the elementary school and the junior high school, and the lending rate of books is impressively high.

The library is open every day afternoon hours (15:00-20:00), except weekends and holidays.