We are nearer to all European capitals than Athens!      But still, we can hide from tourists, as very few know about this beautiful corner on Earth.      Our location and transport connections are revelled only to our guests and visitors who wish to enjoy a special holiday!

  Where on Earth?

Metsovo is a beautiful traditional village perched on the slopes of Pindos at an altitude of 1.300 metres. It is in the northwest of Greece, at a distance of 425 kilometres from Athens, 56 kilometres east of the airport of Ioannina.


Metsovo Region
Prefecture of Ioannina
Island of Corfu
Prefecture of Thesprotia


(For those who would like to have a look at Greece's beautiful inland)

From Athens the shortest route to Metsovo is via the unique site of Meteora Monasteries, along the National road Athens-Trikala (5 hours).

About one hour longer is the journey via Ioannina, following the opposite direction along the National Road Athens-Patra.

From Thessalonika the shortest root is again via Meteora (about 4 hours/350 kilometres).

If you happen to be in the island of Corfu, after taking the ferry to Igoumenitsa port, you can drive to Metsovo via Ioannina (1 hour and a half).

(If you prefer to avoid driving, you can fly as far as Ioannina and then drive to Metsovo - 50 minutes)

Daily, two flights from Athens to Ioannina (55 minutes).
Daily, one flight from Thessalonika to Ioannina (40 minutes).

Special arrangements
(For our special guests and participants of Conferences)

Charter flights from Athens, Thessalonika and Corfu are available upon demand.
Direct charter flights from any European capital to Ioannina airport are available.

For more information on transportation facillities please contact
the Metsovo's Conference Centre info-tourism kiosk.

Metsovo Conference Centre
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Tel.: +30-26560 41895, 26560 41770, Fax: +30-26560 42320
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