Meteora Monasteries

Where solitude and silence rule

Engraving of 1846
At a small distance from the Pindos mountain range, in Kalambaka valley, stands the dramatic "stone Forest" of Meteora.
Thousands of pointed rock formations, which sometimes reach unusual heights result to this unbelievable overwhelming landscape. If not one of the most beautiful sites on our earth, it is surely a unique natural phenomenon which experts ascribe its creation to the so-called tritogenic period (60 million years ago).
There, on those barren and inhospitable rocks, caves turned into hermit cells and monasteries which resemble fortresses, built during the 14th century, "dangle" dangerously from the edges of cliffs, accessed by hanging "baskets" during the troubled times of Greek history.
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An ideal spot for prayer and meditation for thousands of monks since the 11th century, this "stone forest", where the first and greatest doctor of antiquity, Asclepius was born, became one of the most important castles of the East Orthodox monasticism.
Of the 21 monasteries which once stood on the rocks of Meteora, six still function today:
         The Great Meteora
         Holy Trinity
         St Stephen the Protomartyr
         St Nicholas Anapafsis
The monks are always ready to receive you in the parlour, offering you warm hospitality.
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Visit the Meteora Monasteries
By car from Metsovo (1 hour ). Guided tours of the monasteries on foot. Lunch at Kalambaka.
Small groups can stay overnight at certain monasteries and experience monastic life.