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About this Swiss-like village, near the Albanian borders in a region known for its rocks and its shepherds, when Greece was entering the European Union, an editor of the Herald Tribune, so impressed with the industrious Metsovites and the diversity of the local economy, quoted in an article he wrote about Greece: "Greece may not be ready for the Common Market, but Metsovo certainly is."

Many Greek villages, today are little more than retirement homes, while its youth and energy have fled to Athens, Melbourne or New York.
But business and babies are booming in Metsovo, whose 3,500 inhabitants boast an annual birth rate of 8 percent, with one of the highest per capital incomes in Europe, four banks, and a real estate market so tight that the town has "not one square centimetre to sell".

With its locally produced cheeses (including Metsovone, Metsovella and Goat Cheese) from herds sired by pedigreed Swiss bulls, its woodworking industry (a near world monopoly in feta cheese barrels and the corner on the Greek beehive market), a promising wine (product of transplanted French stock), handicrafts, an ultra - modern yet traditional Conference Centre, an Art Gallery, its ski lift and comfortable family-owned hotels, Metsovo may well have more in common with the European Union, than even the editor suspected.

Metsovo’s secret is its history and the pride of two men, Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza and Baron Michael Tossizza who decided nearly 50 years ago that the village should not become a ghost town like so many others.

The village is the centre of attraction for many visitors, and in an admirable way combines the spirit of Greek hospitality with the preservation of its own special character. It is probably the only village in Greece with so many sites of interest.

Metsovites, making good use of their historical privileges, of local traditions and of natural resources turned this community "built of wood and stone" into a noteworthy location both for the local community and for visitors, who can easily find accommodation in many small hotels and enjoy the taste of local cooking at restaurants in the area or have fun at the tavernas and bars.