Where traditions are still alive and as always useful...

Men and women, members of a small community with clearly defined social and economic roles, engage in their separate activities, to meet in church on Sundays, at weddings or at funerals, at folk dances in the village square, or strolling up and down the main street on summer-afternoon.

Stock-farming, cheese-making, lumbering, wood-processing and weaving play an important role in the life of the inhabitants.

All women weave in the traditional way making the warm clothes and elegant dresses that they wear and the well known carpets and blankets which decorate their homes and are an indispensable part of their dowry!

On Sundays and feast-days women go to church proudly wearing their embroidered traditional dresses while old men still have their special sitting place in the main square so they can debate important world issues….

Many Metsovite families own sheep. They leave in October to spend winter in the lowland plains, and return in May. Their cheese is said to be delicious.

Years ago many owned mules and horses and were in charge of transportation. They liked to decorate their horses’ ears with blossoms and their necks with bells.

Today, although mules still transport wood from the forest, many Metsovites own huge trucks thus controlling transportation in NE Greece. Metsovo men park their rigs around the town square because most of the cobblestone streets are too steep and too narrow to accommodate more than pedestrians and livestock. While they do not dress in the manner of their fathers, neither have they sacrificed tradition. Instead of sticking a posy in a pony’s ear, they decorate the cabs of their semi-trailers with plastic flowers and birds. "Funny how tradition works…"

There is a tradition in wood carving, and many make furniture, barrels, beehives, wood carvings in the way they have learned from their grandfathers. The wood-carvers decorate churches and alters, ceilings, furniture, utensils and toys, carving elaborate patterns by hand.

All hotels are owned and run by Metsovite families and thus hospitality has a warm personal character. When you get hungry there are many small tavernas in the village. Try the traditional pies (pitta), the soups and the meat grilled on skewers (kontosouvli and kokoretsi).

Metsovites are truly pleased to have you visit their village and while visiting, don’t hesitate to knock on their doors. They shall be proud to welcome you in their homes. Enjoy and relax!..

In Metsovo even sleeping is an oxygenated pleasure!

Selected Events

March 25
National day celebrating the uprising of the Greeks against Turkish rule. Children's parade. Folk dancing in the afternoon.

Palm Sunday
Religious ceremony at the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos, traditional festivities.

Celebrated in the traditional Greek orthodox way, with lamb on a spit, red eggs and lots of wine.

May 16-17
Religious holiday celebrating Agios Nikolaos of Metsovo, patron saint of the town.

"Pichtia", cultural and artistic activities.Organised by the Metsovo Municipality, pursuant to the will of Pichtios, a scholar from Metsovo well known for his love for nature and tradition.

July 20
The Metsovites join in a picnic in the mountains and celebrate with their traditional music and dancing the Prophet Elias day.

July 26-27
The Holy Martyr Paraskevi, religious holiday, traditional festivities.

August 15
Dormition of the Virgin. Ceremony at the Monastery of Panagia, traditional festivities at the town square.

October 30
Liberation of Metsovo