Workshops/Exhibition Area

The lecture Room "PERISTERI", accommodates roundtable discussion meetings for up to 18 persons, theatre style meetings for up to 60 persons and classroom-style meetings for up to 35 persons.
There is A-V equipment installed as well as simultaneous wireless infrared translation to 2+1 languages, stage managerís control with presidentís, panel and wireless microphones for meeting discussions recording and sound control as well as permanent Internet connection.

The workshop meeting rooms "AOOS", "ARACHTOS", "ALIAKMON" and "ACHELOOS" accommodate 15-40 persons.
The rooms offer A-V equipment, projection screens, white board, flip-chart and recording systems.

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"ACHELOOS" workshop meeting room
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"ARACHTOS" workshop meeting room

The exhibition area "FTELIA" (250 square metres) can accommodate exhibitions, demonstrations and presentations. Posters and other displays can also be set up upon request.

It currently hosts an impressive exhibition of the Foundationís collection of Balkan War photos, postcards, maps and other memorabilia.

Metsovo Conference Centre
Metsovo 442 00, Greece
Tel.: +30-26560-41770
Fax.: +30-26560-42320